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Nature Based Carbon Offsets

Powered by AI and ML | Digitally Ledgered | Tokenized

What we do

We tokenize carbon offsets from the first tech enabled smart forest in the world. Our sister company manufactures carbon offsets at scale, using cutting-edge technologies including UAVs, LiDAR, imaging collection tools and other sensors. Transparent and trackable in real time, we are creating the new standard of carbon offsets.

Ready? Offset… go!

Most carbon offsets available on blockchain today are copies of conventional offsets wrapped as digital tokens. These credits are obtained from conventional markets that may lack quality, data, and transparency.

Instead, what if we gave institutions, emitters and speculators the transparency they need to choose the best offset?

We believe granular data speaks for itself and will become the new standard. Removing potential points of failure equates to a higher quality offset.

Our proprietary climate CRM with full stack ESG analysis and policy development as well as a subscription that automates your offset solution will allow Carbotanix carbon offsets holders to see the location, data composition and positive impacts of their assets in real time. A portal into the forests that sequester carbon in real time – truly verifiable offsets!

The lungs of the planet are suffering, how can we help?

At Carbotanix, we’re here to help. We provide the most advanced mixture of technologies and forest expertise to deliver a product to market you can trust. We drastically improve our quality of living, caring for fragile ecosystems and augmenting carbon sequestration using our natural forest solutions.

Our Forests

Forests around the world need to be nurtured to sequester carbon more efficiently. Decades of misuse and lack of funding towards active management operations have led to a dangerous scenario.


Many of worlds forests are emitting more CO2 than they capture, including ours here in Canada. Management operations are crucial in the equation to assure not only protection but also improvement for the benefit of all of us.


Population expansion and industrialization has reduced forests worldwide from 6 Billion hectares to 3 Billion hectares. Half of the historical forests are gone. The remaining half is under imminent threat.

The Green Standard

Blockchain involved organizations trust granular data and transparency.
We do too!

  • Mission planning for data acquisition and baselining.
  • UAV flights equipped with LiDAR, spectral imaging and photogrammetry technologies.
  • Extensive sampling validation using boots on the ground forest teams.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence data integration, providing dynamic analytics. Climate CRM – end to end ESG analysis and solution tool.
  • Data writing into smart contracts to deliver a tradable token on digital markets.
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Help us sequester over 450 million tonnes of c02 by 2030.